Saturday, March 1, 2008

how much is that doggie in the window?

Without question, these little buggers elicit more questions than any single item at Alara.

"What are they? What are they? What are they? "

Yes, they are dachshunds, but more importantly they are solid sterling silver, and have a multitude of practical and impractical uses:
  • knife rest
  • pen rest
  • paintbrush rest
  • chopstick rest
  • inspiration for chuckling
  • yet another useless thing for a dachshund-lover to collect
  • objet d'art

I made up the last batch when silver was still low, and I refuse to retag them based on current metal market. So, they are $123 apiece until I must cast up a new batch.


1 comment:

Liberty Jewelry Mfg. Co., Ltd. said...

they are so cute. we have 2 big Newfies in our store. I love creative dog pieces.