Friday, December 18, 2009

a ring, a ring! a driftboat for a ring!

"Well, I have a really big anniversary coming up. My wife has a ring she hardly wears that contains some nice Yogo sapphires, and I really think her emerald-cut engagement diamond could look a lot better.

"This means I'm going to have to give up getting the driftboat I really want. So, I'm going to bring her in to make sure we get this right."

Kristin and JD could not be more lovely and charming. And as a designer who is very much touched by the human element, how could I resist the fact that he was foregoing something he really wanted so that he could get her an unbeleivable ring?

They both had so many ideas that contributed to this project. And it is truly sad that the photos cannot possibly convey the beauty and visual importance of this piece. As Brittany struggled to photograph it, she said, "You simply cannot capture this piece in one shot. There's so much going on."

So, in addition to the 2-carat center emerald-cut diamond, there are several significant, cobalt-blue Yogo sapphires, and then a plethora of green and blue Montana sapphires of many different shades, plus smaller brilliant-cut diamonds. All set in that most luxurious metal of all: platinum.

Oh, and by the way...

It was total horse doo-doo that JD forewent the boat. Ends up, he went ahead and got it for himself. Happy anniversary!

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Jay said...

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